Laros Historian, Jeremy Hachey, Presents the R.K. Laros Story

The R. K. Laros Foundation has been pleased to work with Jeremy Hachey, Class of 2015 at Moravian College, to tell the R.K. Laros story. Jeremy spent 6 months in research and writing the history of R.K. Laros the man, his family, industry and philanthropy. On March 12, 2015 Jeremy presented the history at The Salvation Army in Bethlehem to an audience of 50. Two in the audience worked for Laros Industries and talked about the great affection they had for R.K. Laros. Jean Dlugose, Sr. Program Director said "Jeremy's presentation was superb!  We felt fortunate to be on the receiving end of this fine young man's research, excellent delivery, and support of a benevolent family whose kindness is still multiplying in Bethlehem!"
The Foundation is grateful to Jeremy for continuing his work to tell the story long after his internship was completed.