R.K. Laros is born to Alvin and Eliza Laros. They lived in Easton, PA where Alvin was a carpenter by trade.


R.K. graduates from Easton High School


R.K. graduates from Lafayette College. While attending he served as the chapel organist, was a part of the musical club, and a member of the Omega Delta Phi fraternity.

1914 - 1919

During this time R.K. works for the N.Y. Standard Oil Company, the Lehigh Valley Light and Power Company, the Public Services of New Jersey, and lastly, at H.N. Crowder Jr. Company.


R.K. marries Helen Kostenbader, from Catasauqua, PA


The first R.K. Laros Silk Plant is established in Miller Heights.


R.K. and Helen’s first child is born, Peggy Laros


Between January and August, the second Laros Silk Plant is established on East Broad Street, Bethlehem


R.K. is elected as a trustee of St. Lukes Hospital and served until his passing.

1929 - 1932

Sunset Acres is built.


R.K. becomes the President of the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce.


R.K. speaks at the Moravian Women’s College Commencement where Peggy also gives the valedictory address “Keep the spiritual home fires burning.”


The Dimensional Slip is released which is capable of fitting all nine basic body types because of its uniquely cut design.


R.K. is named to the Bethlehem Municipal Water Authority


R.K. is named Vice President of the Bethlehem Bach Choir

1943 - 1945

R.K. begins to manufacture parachutes in order to help the war effort. The majority of parachutes produced are fragmentation bomb parachutes.


R.K. is elected to the Board of Trustees at Lafayette College


R.K. and his wife, Helen, establish The R.K. Laros Foundation


The Laros Company is given another industrial honor when the U.S. patent office awards the firm a patent for the manufacturing of “woven textile item and filament yarn” and “stocking.”


R.K. passes away at Sunset Acres.


R.K. is honored with a service at his family church, Rosemont Lutheran, in Bethlehem


The R.K. Laros Foundation has served over 150 community non-profit organizations honoring the original Foundation Charter and the intentions of the founders R.K. and Helen Laros. Today R.K. Laros III serves as Foundation Chair, carrying on the legacy of his grandfather and father, R.K. Laros and R.K. Laros Jr.