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Helping People Help People

Founded in 1952. The R.K. Laros Foundation, Inc, a non-profit charitable trust, was established by Mr. Russell K. Laros and Mrs. Helen K. Laros with a Deed of Trust on November 16th, 1952. The Foundation was established to support community non-profit organizations serving the arts, education, the environment, health, historical preservation and public and human services. The Foundation welcomes grant proposals for projects that will have a lasting impact for the organization and the community it serves.

The Foundation's Mission Statement 

The R.K. Laros Foundation has a strong commitment to the Bethlehem Community. Our goal is to provide grants to non-profit charitable organizations, where those grants will either seed or support programs that might not otherwise occur. We focus on initiatives that will have a continuing benefit to the community and the people it serves.


Guiding Principles

· Community Impact - The project should have outcomes that will impact the larger community.

· Diversity - The grant proposal should address the organizations ambitions to serve and celebrate diversity in the community.

· Future Focused - In addition to current needs, the grant should address ongoing needs.

· Lasting Impact - The foundation primarily supports bricks and mortar capital projects with provisions for capital reserve funding to sustain the project over time.

· Make a Difference - The Laros Foundation prefers projects that are unlikely to reach fruition without grant support.



· Matching Opportunity - The Foundation prefers grant opportunities where Matching Grants are available and made more accessible by virtue of Laros support.

· People Impact -The project should benefit the individuals served by the non-profit organization. and the larger community.

· Specific Organizations or Causes - Organizations or causes that were significant to Mr. and Mrs. R.K Laros and the Laros family receive preference.




Grant Application

Grant Proposals will be accepted and considered for Capital Campaigns and Brick and Mortar Projects in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The Foundation’s objective is to achieve maximum impact in the community through its charitable support. Past recipients have included organizations dedicated to Arts and Education, the Environment, Health and Human Services, and Historical Education and Preservation.  

The Foundation meets annually to review and consider grant proposals. Please contact the Executive Director prior to submitting a proposal to review your project at


Requests must include the following documents submitted as a combined pdf in this order:

1. Completed Grant Application Form 

2. Proof of 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Status  

3. Copy of most recent 990 Form 

4. Current Board of Directors 

Please note that grant proposals for multi-year funding are not considered.

The 2019 Grant Cycle has closed. Grant proposals for 2020 will be accepted September 8-22, 2020


To submit your application.

Download application and then complete the required information.

The application and all attachments must be submitted as a combined document in PDF format.

Email the completed application to us with proof of 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, most recent 990 form, and current board of directors. 

Note: This application is best opened as a google document. The application must be downloaded, completed and submitted to

Do not attempt to complete the application on the Laros website.